Interocean Mercantile Co Pte Ltd, provides international distribution service of mobile phones, tablets, smart lifestyle devices and more. Our distribution network spans across most developed and emerging markets. A strong financial background helps us to build a strong, reliable distribution network world-wide. Drawing on our years of experience, our market knowledge is unrivalled within our industry and our customer-oriented teams understand your demands and guarantee a quick and accurate response. We promote close working relationships between ourselves and customers. We ensure the highest standard of customer service!


"Great company. Always very kind and swift reply. Thank you very much for your every support. Hope we can do more business in the future with Interocean Mercantile Company!"

All transactions by Interocean Mercantile Company were accomplished with high accuracy, in a very professional way. Your fast and high quality services help to satisfy us.


1977 - 1985

We were incorporated on the 7th of July 1977 as a wholesaler of garments and sundries.

1986 - Present

In 1986 to present date, we diversified our business to be one of the top Import and export house of electronic components ranging from capacitors, integrated circuits, transistors, FPLD’s / CPLD’s and Flash Memory.

2015 - Present

In 2015, we diversified to the business of wholesale of Mobile phones and tablets in Singapore within our local markets.

2018 - Present

In 2018 we expanded and transformed into a global distribution house for mobile phones, tablets, smart lifestyle devices and more. We have clients based in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America.



Why choose Interocean Mercantile?

Sales and Purchasing Force

Sales team driven with good knowledge of the market.



Always aware of the latest products in demand with the ever changing technology. Only authentic and original products with quality guarantee.



Financial stability and fast payment process to avoid delays in shipments.

Logistics &

Punctual delivery and providing clients with shipment on hold services at authorized logistics partner.




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